Writing About Issues


Issues are problems that affect a large group of people in a society. They can include poverty, the lack of shelter, human rights abuses, and climate change. A person may write an article on any of these issues to raise awareness or advocate for changes. Before writing, the writer should conduct research on the topic to gather facts and statistics that support their position. The topic should be one they care about because this will show in their writing and make the article more engaging for readers.

Some examples of social issues are the lack of affordable housing, education, and healthcare for people around the world. Another is the disparity between men and women in wages, leadership positions, and educational attainment. In addition, racial discrimination persists in many places. A global problem is the growing population and the lack of resources for food, water, and energy.

Other major issues include global warming, air pollution, and the lack of a safe space to work and play. Often, these issues are considered to be interrelated and cannot be solved by one organization or individual. They need a collaborative effort to achieve sustainable solutions.