What Is Technology?

Technology is a broad term used to describe the tools and crafts people use to improve their environment and their ability to control it. It includes everything from stone tools, to more recent inventions like the telephone, the Internet, and even 3D printers. Ultimately, technology is the application of scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.

Business Technologies

Technology can be used to increase a business’ productivity by streamlining processes and reducing the amount of time and labor needed to accomplish tasks. It can also help companies compete in a more competitive marketplace and give them a unique selling point (USP) to attract new customers.

Communication Technology

Technology helps us communicate with each other around the world in a way that is simple, quick and convenient. From telecommunications to computer systems and the Internet, this category of technology allows us to stay in touch with each other despite any distance or barriers. It includes devices like telephones, television sets and the Internet as well as methods like faxing, email, instant messaging and texting services.

Construction Technology

The technology used in the construction process varies from building homes to heavy engineering structures like sky scrapers and shopping malls. It uses the latest designs and materials to create buildings that are efficient in terms of energy use, and can also be easily adapted for future changes. It also uses various technological tools to analyze and model the best possible design solutions using graphical, statistical and mathematical modeling techniques.