What is Spirituality?


Spirituality is a worldview that seeks to answer big questions about life like the meaning of life and how people are connected. It may involve religious traditions that center on a belief in a higher power but it also can include non-religious beliefs that are not tied to materialism.

Many people consider themselves to be spiritual but do not belong to a particular religion. They may be attracted to aspects of certain religions or they may feel that they are spiritual but do not follow a religious path. A person’s spirituality can change over time, as they discover new truths or learn more about the universe.

Some believe that spirituality can be experienced without religion but others find this harder to do. It is possible to be spiritual and not religious, or to be both, but it is important not to let spiritual ideals become dogma that prevents us from dealing with real problems and emotions in our lives.

One way to think about spirituality is to see it as the result of growing a garden in your own mind. It is not enough to simply plant the seed of spirituality and expect it to grow, you must cultivate it with attention and care. If the soil, water and light are not right the garden will not flourish. If you keep up with it and nurture the spirituality in your life it will blossom for all to see. It will enable you to deal with difficulties, live your best life and even overcome illness.