What Is News?


News is information about current events obtained at any moment and everywhere, conveyed to the public in a quick, accurate, objective and impartial manner. It has become a major component of society, with the proliferation of the Internet and 24-hour news stations.

News articles should entertain their readers. Human interest stories are particularly interesting, mainly because people have an inherent curiosity about the lives of others. Using quotes from the people involved in the story can help to keep the reader’s attention.

Timeliness is another important factor in the newsworthiness of a story. Large media sources usually focus on current events because they are a major source of their audiences’ interest. An event which meets all five of the criteria (who, what, when, where and why) is considered to be a good news story.

The weather is always of interest, especially when it is unusual or affects people’s daily activities. Food and drink are also of interest to most people, with stories about food shortages or surpluses, dietary trends, hospitals or clinics, new foods or drinks and alcoholic beverages all making the news. Sex is of interest in most societies, although it is often a taboo subject for discussion in the workplace. It is not appropriate for the writer of a news article to impose their own opinions upon the reader, but letting the subjects of the story speak for themselves is a good way to achieve this.

Writing a successful news article requires extensive research. If the story is not based on fact, it will lose credibility. Avoid stale, old and irrelevant facts, which will only bore the reader. Sticking to a concise style of writing is an excellent way to ensure that the news article is clear and easy to read. Excessive use of adjectives is discouraged, as they detract from the overall effect.