What Are Business Services?

Business services are a broad category of work that supports a company without producing a tangible good. This includes work like accounting, marketing, and inter and intra-departmental communication. The term does not include all work that is done by a company, for example, all work related to money and asset management would be classified under Financial Services.

For globalEDGE purposes, the term Business Services encompasses all miscellaneous help a company may need in order to conduct business, but does not include shipping and logistics which is filed under Transportation Manufacturing. It also does not include a business’s retail or food services which are classified as Consumer Services.

A common example of a business service is hiring a pest control company to exterminate an infestation. This type of service is a way for a company to save time and money while still maintaining the quality of its products and property. Another type of business service is a tech support professional who works with employees to solve any problems they have with computers or technology.

The Business Services view provides a consolidated summary of all the business services that are in your infrastructure. It also allows you to drill down and analyze capacity at the service pool or deployment level. It also helps you ensure that your IT assets are aligned with business goals and priorities. This is important because when IT is not aligned with business needs, it can become a bottleneck to productivity.