Types of Motorcycles

Motorcycles are vehicles that are designed to be driven by the rider, not by passengers. These machines are less expensive to own than cars, require a smaller space to park and save fuel compared to the same sized car.

They’re also much more fun to ride than cars. This is because the rider’s body is an integral part of the vehicle, making movement and steering much more dynamic and involving.

There are four main types of bikes: Cruisers, Sport-type motorcycles, Roadsters and Adventure motorcycles. Each has its own pros and cons, and it’s important to consider your riding style when choosing the right bike for you.


Often nicknamed “choppers,” these motorcycles are designed for cruising around town, but can be made to carry a fair amount of luggage as well. These are the most popular type of motorcycle and can be found from brands like Harley-Davidson and Indian, as well as metric manufacturers such as Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki.

Sports-type motorcycles

This category of bike is built for speed and agility, aimed at the sportier rider who enjoys leaning forward to carve corners. These bikes are lighter in weight and generally use aluminum to increase side-to-side maneuverability.

These models can be a bit higher in seat height, to make the rider stand up a little more. They are great for shorter riders, or those who are just starting out on their motorcycle journey.

Roadsters are another category of bike, usually built for the street but with a more comfortable seating position for more experienced riders. They are more upright and typically feature modern components such as electronic fuel injection. These bikes are good for commuting and are available in many sizes, from 125-250cc.