Tips for Writing Issue-Oriented Articles


Issues are topics or subjects that impact people worldwide and can reflect current events, longstanding disagreements, or differences in beliefs. These subjects may also have implications for the future. Writing an article about an issue allows you to make your voice heard, and it can be a way of helping others understand different viewpoints.

A few tips for writing an issue-oriented article:

1. Make sure your issue is relevant to your audience. A topic that isn’t of interest to your readership may not be well received by them, or they might lose their attention. 2. Include a clear statement of your opinion on the issue. The goal is to get your readers to think about the subject and consider alternatives or solutions that might be possible.

3. Choose a tone that is appropriate for the audience. Don’t use a tone that is too harsh or critical. Instead, aim for a tone that is informative and encouraging. If you use a tone that is too harsh, your audience might be put off and lose interest in your article.

4. Whenever possible, link your issue to something that is currently happening. This will provide a fresh news peg for your article and will help to grab the attention of readers and op-ed editors. For example, if your issue is the decline of the auto industry, then you might write an article that compares GM to Toyota and includes quotes from insiders about their competing strategies.