The Joy of Riding a Motorcycle

In the simplest terms, a motorcycle has an engine, two wheels, steering and a brake. But it’s much more than that. Riding a motorcycle is an emotional and dynamic experience, where the rider’s body is part of the machine. A good rider understands how their movements affect the handling of the bike.

Motorbikes are a popular mode of transport worldwide. In developing countries like India and China, well over 80 percent of households own a motorbike. They are used for everything from transporting goods to visiting family in remote areas. The motorcycle’s global popularity was ensured after World War II, when decreased costs and engineering advances made them more affordable to the masses (Chandra, 2017). Firms like Royal Enfield, Triumph and Harley-Davidson were founded around this time.

Some riders choose to get into the sport of motorcycle racing. This has helped push mechanics, engineers and riders to new levels of performance. Other riders use motorcycles to commute or explore their local area. Many aid organizations rely on networks of skilled motorcyclists to deliver medical supplies and services.

Regardless of the reason, every motorcycle owner must be fully aware of their surroundings and obey traffic laws. Most multi-vehicle accidents between motorbikes and cars are caused when vehicle drivers don’t see motorcycles. Make sure to ride with your headlights on and at high beam during the day, as this will allow other vehicles to see you. Additionally, avoid alcohol and drugs before riding – they can negatively impact your judgment, coordination, balance, throttle control and ability to shift gears.