The History of Furniture


Furniture is one of the most important elements of interior design. It adds not only functionality and utility to a space, but also style and personality.

Its history dates back to the beginning of human civilisation when people started constructing and using natural objects such as tree stumps, rocks, and moss. Various techniques were used to make these items into functional pieces of furniture, including carving and joinery.

Carving is a process of creating decorative detail in wood or other materials by hand, such as the use of ivory, bone, shell, or metal. It has been a part of furniture making for thousands of years and is found in many cultures.

Early forms of furniture in ancient Egypt include beds, chairs, and stools with intricately carved heads. They were crafted from cedar and other durable woods that would have stood up to the harsh environment of the Egyptian climate.

Other types of furniture in antiquity were based on animal hides and leather, which could be upholstered with padding (and sometimes springs). Upholstered furniture evolved into the modern sofa and chair.

There are also a variety of shapes and styles of contemporary furniture. The emergence of Industrialisation and Post-Modernism has helped to make furniture design accessible to more people than ever before.

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