Singapore Lottery

A Singapore lottery is a type of gambling activity that involves the drawing of numbers to win a prize. It is regulated by the government and offered in retail stores and online. This article will explore the history, rules, and prizes of this popular game. It will also discuss how to play and where to find results.

The 4D lottery is a popular Singapore pool that gives players the chance to win big. Players choose four-digit numbers from 0000 to 9999 and can place a bet for as little as $3. The winning prize depends on how many numbers are matched, the amount of money bet, and the prize category. The first prize is worth the most, but there are ten additional and consolation prizes as well.

If there is no winner in a particular draw, the total prize pool will be distributed among the other prize categories. The company will publish the results of each drawing on its website and in the newspapers. The winners have up to 180 days to claim their prizes.

Businesses often conduct lucky draws as a marketing tool. These lotteries are open to the public, and the prizes may be cash or goods. However, the operation of a public lottery is prohibited unless it falls under one of the statutory exceptions in the Common Gaming Houses Act (CGHA). Hence, it’s important to understand the laws surrounding public lotteries before conducting a lucky draw.