Singapore Lottery and Toto Singapore Lottery

singapore lottery

Singapore lottery is a popular game of chance that offers a wide range of prizes. It is a great way to have fun while earning money, but it can also be very risky.

Singapore pool’s (private) limited – The company which runs the lottery in Singapore, is Singapore Pools (Private) Limited. This company is a state-owned lottery subsidiary and the only legal operator in Singapore.

The Company operates the Singapore Sweep Lottery and conducts the relevant draws in accordance with these Rules. To participate in The Singapore Sweep Lottery, a Participant must purchase a Ticket for the relevant Draw and the correct matching of the Ticket Number with a winning number drawn under these Rules shall qualify the Participant for a prize as provided in these Rules.

TOTO – The Toto Singapore lottery is a gambling game which has been in existence since 1968. It was the second most popular type of lottery in Singapore, behind 4-Digits, as of April 2015.

This game requires players to buy a set of six numbers that are chosen from 1 to 49. The number of possible combinations is much higher than in a traditional Singapore lottery. However, the odds of winning are much lower because of this.

Toto has seven prize tiers, including the jackpot. In addition to the jackpot, each tier has its own prize amount and payout structure. The jackpot winner is awarded the entire prize if they match all the winning numbers, while the other winners are divided among a smaller group of winners according to their prize tier.