How to Write an Article About Issues


The United Nations (UN) is involved in a vast array of issues that affect people around the world, from conflict resolution and peacekeeping to education and advancement of women to peaceful uses of atomic energy. To write an article about an issue, research the topic thoroughly and present your opinion in a clear and persuasive manner. If necessary, use concrete facts and statistics to support your arguments. Your article should have a clear thesis statement and each paragraph should support it. Your article should also contain a strong opening and conclusion.


In general, the word issue means to send out or put forth: The politician issued a statement about the war. The post office issued new stamps to the public. A magazine issue refers to a specific edition of a publication: The May issue of the journal is now available. The term issue is also used to refer to a matter of concern or controversy: We have some issues with our relationship.

Another meaning of issue is to come into view or notice: The crowd issued from the building. The sun emerged from behind the clouds. The word emerge can also mean to emanate: Rumors were spreading about the candidate.

Social issues are a major area of concern for many individuals and businesses. You can write about topics that affect everyone, such as increasing political polarization or global pandemic restrictions and vaccine distribution. You can also discuss individual concerns, such as a company’s need for improved logistics or the challenges of remote learning.