Choosing Furniture For Your Home


Furniture is a tool that we use to create rooms that work for us. It is important to choose pieces that are durable, functional and that reflect your personal style.

Furniture consists of a variety of different furniture types, including chairs, beds, tables, storage and more. Various styles of furniture have come and gone throughout history, but all have been created to function as tools for people to use in their homes.

In the past, furniture has been fashioned from natural resources like tree stumps and stone. These are still available and can be used in some home construction projects, but more often we find that modern furniture is made of solid wood.

The word “furniture” comes from the French phrase fourniture, which means equipment. Other European languages have a similar term, such as German Mobel (chair), Spanish mueble (table) and Italian mobile.

Early furniture was movable and used to serve as a seat, table, bed or trunk for storing items. It was also a cultural expression of collection and care as people collected and preserved pieces that they valued.

In every time period, new designs of furniture were created as people changed their ways of living and working. These designs usually reflected constructional principles of joinery and the stress placed on elegance in overall form. The design was influenced by a particular period’s aesthetic tastes, as well.