Business Creation Strategies

business creation

The creation of businesses is the result of a complex series of actions that must be taken by a person who wants to start a company. The process is often risky, which is why many people are hesitant to make the leap from employee to entrepreneur. However, a few basic strategies can help reduce the risks and increase the likelihood of success.

The research in this area identifies the profile of the entrepreneur as one of the main variables that influence the decision to create a business, considering the fact that the aptitudes and attitudes that characterize this type of person can be acquired through socialization processes (Stevenson Reference Stevenson2000; Pereira Reference Pereira, Bartholo, Renato Silva and Proenca2017; Avolio Alecchi Reference Avolio Alecchi2020).

It is important to note that a successful business does not necessarily require the presence of a person with a unique or original idea. In fact, a great number of businesses that have become very profitable came into existing markets where there were already well-established companies and succeeded by offering products or services that improved on what was offered by the competition.

The resumption of the growth of entrepreneurship that began during the Covid-19 pandemic has raised questions about whether this represents a new, permanent trend or simply a return to the pre-pandemic level. The data analyzed herein support the latter interpretation, although the evidence presented in this article also indicates that the surge in entrepreneurship has been characterized by specific features.