Article Writing on Issues


Issues are problems or concerns that affect people, animals, plants, the environment or a particular field of study. They are usually reported in news, magazines or journals. Article writing on issues is an excellent way to spread awareness and educate the public about the problem or topic at hand. The articles written on these topics should have a suitable tone and language that match the target audience for which the article is being written.

The United Nations and its specialized agencies are active in a variety of areas that improve the lives of billions around the world, from conflict resolution and peacekeeping to disaster relief and education. The Organization also has a strong commitment to sustainable development and peaceful uses of atomic energy.

A person can deal with many different issues throughout his or her lifetime, including family and career concerns, health problems and personal relationships. An example of an issue that many people struggle with is the challenge of raising a child with autism. Often, parents of autistic children feel frustrated and exhausted by the time-consuming work involved in caring for their children.

An article on an environmental issue should focus on a problem that is currently happening and explain the effects that it has on human life, animal life, plant life, etc. It is important that the information in the article be accurate and well researched. A person should always double-check and verify any information that is being used.